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Williamsburg Is About to Get an Exciting New Pizzeria – Grub Street

Mike Fadem and Joey Scalabrino making pizza at Ops. Photo: Christian Rodriguez

New York could use more Ops. Or, at least, some more places like it. It’s a restaurant with an obvious and wide appeal — who doesn’t like good pizza and wine? — but also one that feels entirely of its owners, Mike Fadem and Marie Tribouilloy. Together, they’ve created a space that’s actually relaxed and casual without any of the usual posturing, where you can eat Neapolitan-ish pizza topped with mortadella and where the wine lists amounts to your server explaining what they have and think you’d be into, too. Unfortunately, there’s only one Ops. But now, Fadem will branch out with a larger pizzeria called Leo.

The new restaurant is in the former home of the Lodge, the Williamsburg spot that occupied a corner of Havemeyer Street for 14 years as both a restaurant and deli. Taking advantage of the space’s layout, Leo will be both a counter-service restaurant and a takeout café, open from noon to midnight. For now, the plan is to open takeout first in October, followed by the restaurant a few weeks later in November.