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‘Triggered by a freaking pizza’: Restaurant chain apologizes for offering patriotic fare on 9/11 – Washington Examiner

Annapolis-based restaurant chain Ledo Pizza apologized Wednesday after marking 9/11 with one of their signature square pizzas, the toppings of which were arranged to look like the American flag.

Some Twitter users were outraged that Ledo had chosen to commemorate the lives lost with a pizza, with some even accusing the pizza chain of using the day of tragedy to promote their food.

After initial backlash, Ledo deleted the original photo of the flag-themed pizza and replaced it with the stock image of an American flag. Many users had captured the original image of the pizza, however.

“Your recently deleted tweet might just be the most tone-deaf 9/11 ‘brand’ tweet to ever be posted,” one user wrote. “How dare you trivialize our nation’s most impactful tragedy in recent memory with a g—-mn pizza flag. Save it for 4th of July, you tactless clods.”

Others found the negative response to the pizza a bit over the top. “How about you don’t get so triggered by a freaking pizza?” one user wrote in response to a scathing criticism of the chain’s marketing practices.

Ledo issued an apology Wednesday afternoon, acknowledging that the pizza post had not been their finest moment. “This morning, Ledo Pizza posted a photo of a pizza decorated as a flag of the United States of America on Twitter,” the chain’s Twitter account said. “As you may know, we regularly use this photo to show our Patriotism and Love for our country during holidays and remembrances.”

“While most fans are used to seeing this photo and share our Patriotism, a few Twitter users took offense to this imagery and for this we are sincerely sorry,” the post continued. “Our Twitter post was never intended to diminish the gravity of September 11th and has since been removed.”

Ledo Pizza’s tweet is not the first corporate tribute to 9/11 that drew intense criticism. Spaghettios, pop band Smash Mouth, and cellular company Blackberry have also been slammed for social media posts and advertisements that many considered at attempt to monetize a national tragedy.

In 2016, a Texas mattress company temporarily closed down after being condemned for a video advertising a “Twin Tower” sale on 9/11.