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SPIN! Pizza rolls out new name, logo and menu – The Daily Star-Journal

WARRENSBURG — SPIN! Pizza, 114 S. South St., opened Wednesday, Jan. 16, with a new name and logo and revised menu.

The changes are part of a company rebranding and refreshed look, Libbi Reichert, marketing coordinator, said.

The first SPIN! Pizza opened in 2005 in Overland Park, Kansas, she said, and company officials decided, after 13 years, to freshen it up and give it a new look.

The changes were inspired by a survey emailed to guests in the company’s database at a Kansas City location a year ago, Reichert said. “We wanted to hear what they wanted.”

Customers continued to provide feedback even after the survey, she said.

Originally know as Spin! Neopolitan Pizza, the company now will be just SPIN! Pizza.

“It’s a very simplified name and look,” Reichert said, adding most people did not know that Neopolitan was part of the name. We decided to simplify it to what guests know us as.”

Language on the menu board has also been simplified, she said. Responses on the survey indicated the old menu, in Italian, was hard to read and pronounce, “so we wanted to change the names to English, which is less intimidating and people know what they are getting.”

Menu selections also have changed, with the addition of a new 14-inch pizza to the former 12- and 7-inch pizzas proving a great success, Reichert said.

A new double pepperoni pizza, the owner’s favorite, developed from the “create your own pizza” and features double pepperoni and cheese and a zesty red sauce, and the chicken cobb salad, offered as a seasonal salad last summer, “went over so well it has been permanently added to the menu,” Reichert said. “People begged us not to get rid of it.”

The ranch dressing that comes with the salad was created by one of the area directors, she said. The dressing, like all the dressings, are house-made from scratch, as are the soups.

Two new sandwiches, a turkey bacon avocado, and an Italian meat lover’s feast, have replaced the former sandwiches, she said.

Gelato is still available in small and large sizes, but can also be purchased in pints or tubs, Reichart said. The gelato is made with fresh fruit and natural flavors, she said, adding, “It’s a perfect finish to any meal and the healthiest dessert you can get when you go out to eat.”

Wine also is still available by the glass, half-carafe and full carafe, she said, and house-made sangrias “are really good.”

Located next to Central Missouri State University’s Audrey J. Walton Stadium, SPIN! Pizza is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

For more information, call (660) 543-7746 or visit