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Pizza shop owner: Fugitive couple looked out of place – Times Herald-Record

OTISVILLE — Kristan Broussard and Ursula Bourque walked into Pizza Mania around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday and ordered four slices of pizza and two sodas.

Only one or two other patrons were in the restaurant at the time.

Before the couple finished their meal, Broussard, a fugitive wanted for second-degree murder in Louisiana, and Bourque, who was traveling with him, were in custody. Bourque was also wanted on a parole violation.

Brian Noyes, the owner and operator of Pizza Mania, hadn’t heard or read anything about the case. He just knew the couple looked out of place.

“We could tell they were drifters,” he said later Wednesday afternoon. “They had backpacks.”

But they had no car.

The couple arrived on foot and appeared to have been walking down Route 211, he said. Except for a couple of nearby homes, Pizza Mania is on a fairly isolated stretch of Route 211.

Neither Noyes nor his workers called police, but two Mount Hope police officers showed up while the couple was still eating. They were followed by state police and others who had been looking for Broussard since he was sighted in the area Tuesday.

Noyes said the couple didn’t resist when approached by police.

“They were pretty calm when the cops came in,” Noyes said. “(The police) told them to get on the floor, and they cuffed them, and that was it. It was short and sweet.”

Noyes was relieved when he found out why the cops were taking Broussard into custody.

“Thank God they are out of here,” he said.

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