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Pizza Hut Health Concerns: Family finds green cheese and hair on their pizza – Valley News Live

MOORHEAD, Minn. (Valley News Live) – “While we were eating it, I got hair in my mouth. So I spit it out to see what’s going on. And I notice a green spot. So I lift that up, and there’s four more green spots in the cheese. Normally I wouldn’t complain, but my kids got sick – I have a four year old who’s potty-trained that ended up in a diaper all day long. As well as my sister, my husband, and me.”

To figure out what went wrong with the pizza, a Dilworth woman, who asked to stay anonymous, says she called Moorhead’s Pizza Hut – but was hung up on several times. That’s when she says she drove over to the store and was shocked by how she was treated.

“The guy was smirking back there, the lady was rude the whole time,” she says. “And it was the way that they handled it. They didn’t seem to care.”

Her experience isn’t unique. After posting about the pizza on Facebook, more families came forward with stories of their own.

“If you look on my Facebook post, there’s lots of people. There’s at least 50 other people that had the same problem, whether it was mold or disrespect,” she says.

Clay County’s health inspections team reviewed the store in November and it found five violations – one of them critical. The inspector also discussed the store’s policy for limiting bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food and the need for a full-time state certified food manager.

Meanwhile, Pizza Hut says the Moorhead location was inspected by a third party mid-December, and was rated ‘At Standard’, and no moldy food was found.

The company also says crews are trained in proper food-handling procedures and personal hygiene practices, and all stores follow the FDA’s hand-washing standards.

In a statement, a Pizza Hut spokesperson apologized for the family’s experience, saying, “The District Manager was in contact with the customer the next day to confirm that we take food quality seriously and to apologize for the service she received. We are committed to doing better next time.”

The woman says the apology from the corporate office is nice, but it’s not enough to bring back her business.

“The manager didn’t care, the employees didn’t care – they just laughed. So I won’t go back,” she says.

The family has filed a complaint with Clay County’s Department of Health. The Health Department says it is investigating.