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Lake Erie Moment: It’s cool to be square at Virgil’s Plate pizza shop –

Virgil’s Plate pizza shop puts the peace back into pizza.

Share the squares. That’s the motto at Virgil’s Plate.

The pizza shop at 1006 W. Sixth St. is owned by Gary and Erin Fleming. The couple opened the shop on West 26th Street in 2012, and then moved to their present location in 2014.

“Nobody does pizza like this,” said Gary Fleming, 56, referring to the shop’s square pizzas, which can be customized with different toppings. A large tray can have 24 cuts of pizza and each slice can have different toppings. “We basically make four-inch pizzas. It ends the arguing over what toppings to choose. We put the ‘peace’ back in pizza.”

Customizing every slice of pizza takes time, but Gary Fleming said his customers are patient.

“I never claim to be fast, but I’m accurate,” he said while preparing a margherita pizza with scoops of ricotta cheese during the lunch rush.

Gary Fleming encourages customers to try something new, but some traditions are hard to break.

“At the end of the day, pepperoni is the most popular topping,” he said.

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