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Casual Dining: Nikki Miller-Ka visits Homeslice Pizza and Subs in Greensboro – Greensboro News & Record

Homeslice Pizza and Subs has three locations and although each has a slightly different menu, most of the menu is reminiscent of a Buffalo, N.Y.-area pizzeria.

Owners Bob and Michaela Haberer, transplants from the Buffalo area, opened the first Homeslice in 2012 and have been slinging slices and trucking along ever since. As a matter of fact, Homeslice has two food trucks in addition to its multiple locations. The trucks can be seen tooling around the Triad, parked at festivals and other outdoor events.

That was how I was first introduced to the glory of the famed Pizza Ball (more on that in a moment). The commitment to excellent pizza, wings and subs has me going back for more time and time again. This review is specifically focused on the Guilford College location on Hunt Club Road. The others are at the Cardinal Crossing shopping center on Fleming Road and UNC-Greensboro’s campus on West Gate City Blvd.

The Pizza Ball is a tennis ball-size round of dough wrapped around pepperoni and cheese or just mozzarella cheese and served with ranch dressing or housemade marinara sauce. The whole thing is deep-fried and while the outer layer of the ball is crisp, golden brown and slightly flaky the crust gives way to a soft, buttery and yeasty filling which is brimming with hot, melty cheese and spicy pepperoni slices, if you so choose. Wednesday is the best day to order one because the pizza balls are sold at a discount. Be prepared to wait.

Nestled behind a McDonald’s restaurant in a tiny strip mall, Homeslice offers eat-in, takeout and delivery options. Inside, rows of booths line the walls. The ordering counter is low but the staff is friendly and accommodating. The menu hangs behind the register, but glossy paper menus are available, too.

The basic white pizza is my favorite: slivers of garlic; dollops of fresh ricotta; bright, crisp florets of broccoli; and slices of sweet, juicy Roma tomatoes. The crust is an excellent intersection between a thin crust and a fluffy, thick Sicilian. The outer edge of the crust simply melds into the base of the pizza.

Although traditional thin pepperoni is available, there is a specialty pepperoni topping that isn’t listed and only people in the know ask for: the cup-and-char pepperoni or Buffalo pepperoni. The signature Western New York or Buffalo-style pizza is topped with this meat.

So, now that you’re one of those in the know, you can request it as one of your toppings.

Another New York specialty is the Beef on Weck. Razor-thin slices of rare roast beef are piled on a signature Kimmelweck roll with grated horseradish and beef au jus on the side. The roll is similar to a crusty Kaiser roll, sprinkled heavily with caraway seeds and coarse salt. Only available Tuesdays and Saturdays, it’s definitely a treat to wait for.

On the other side of the sandwich spectrum, the Dagwood is a classic multi-layered castle of meat, cheese and condiments. A nod to Dagwood Bumstead, a character in the comic strip “Blondie” known for his towering sandwiches, the sub at Homeslice is piled high with sliced turkey, ham, roast beef, and cheddar and provolone cheese served Bob’s way with shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, onion, mayo and a light vinaigrette.

Other menu items worth mentioning are the wings, which can be tossed in a number of different sauces including hot honey, teriyaki and bull sauce, which is a Southern-style barbecue sauce.

Dessert includes funnel cake fries, which can be drizzled with chocolate sauce and serve as an excellent treat after copious amounts of pizza and salad.

If you’ve never had a Western New York or Buffalo-style pizza experience, give Homeslice a try. It may become your new place to take your favorite homeslice.